J.S. „FouSage“ [ foʊsaːʧ ]

FouSage has been involved in body modifications for more than a quarter of a century, and he likes to experiment and try new things and techniques in this area. In addition to piercings, he also deals with scarification and branding (creation of decorative scars) and hanging people on hooks (body-suspension), inspired by tribal transition rituals.

You will search in vain in the Czech Republic (and probably in Europe as well) for a man who cut more people than he did.


Petr „C“ Špička [ siː ]

C studied at the School of Natural Medicine, thanks to which he not only began to focus on acupuncture and TCM, but also led him to the idea of harmonizing acupuncture points with a scar. His knowledge and vision, together with FouSage's art and Ötzi's legacy, led to the resurrection of tattoopunktura as a means of nature, resp. complementary medicine.
C will focus mainly on you, your ailments and their causes, together you will find the ideal location of tattoopunktura on your body. He will be happy to help with the selection or design of a motif, which he even is able to transfer into your skin.


Sophia Eleanora

Sophia joined the tattoopunktura team after one event in Brno thanks to her kind intrusiveness, and especially the ability to handle an SLR camera and social networks, which are skills that both gentlemen lack.
Today, Sophka takes care of the operation of social networks, communication with clients and the media, and takes documentary and promo photos and videos.
She is slowly discovering the world of traditional Chinese medicine and body modifications, she will help you with the design of tattoopunktura, which is even able to combine with her own hand-poke tattoo.


The completely dead fish takes care of the sanity of the whole team, its contact with the material reality of the contemporary world and time, in short, keeps us on our feet.
To everyone's satisfaction, he also serves as a provisions officer.