Read and listen to the references and experiences of those who already have been tattoopunctured!
Short reviews, thanks and quotes, mostly catched on social networks and our messages and chats.
I feel great. Of course, I'm not able to assess my health, but something started in my head. Self-acceptance of who I am. Rooting? Bonding? I can't describe it in words at all. In short, a deep spiritual awareness of one's own essence - that is it.
I must say that I have definitely moved on my path to serene tranquility. We will never forget this experience!
I must admit that I am finally able to enjoy sex at least somehow and achieve a quality orgasm.
I have to say I haven't had a single migraine since. So my head hurt, but I didn't have a migraine as such.
I feel very well. I recently thought that since I have tattoopunktura, I still have strength every day, I feel better. Even though it still hurts physically, I feel that my health is improving.
I've been thinking for a long time about how to process this experience, because it occurs to me that it still works. The ritual itself was a very deep and energetic experience, during which a lot of emotions and traumas were released. A few days later, I felt euphoric. In the long run, it brought a greater connection to my own body and the feeling of „I'm really here“. And with it the associated self-love and consciousness to have everything in one's own hands. I will definitely be back soon for another point.
I don't quite understand what's going on with me, it's completely divine, I'm not tired at all and normally I'm already dead.
Miraculously, I'm not in pain at night, so overall I'm better. Before that, after twelve hours on my feet, I was completely dying in the evening and could hardly climb the stairs and do anything at all. Now I run like a doe.
I honestly didn't believe in any effects, and I took it mainly as an interesting way of tattooing. Evaluation after a certain time, the positive effect is really there and I'm somehow happier, the approach from the boys as such is also nice.
Thanks to tattoopunktura, I said NO to my mental problems, my bad past and the people who hurt me. Tattoopunktura has helped me breathe, understand and helps me feel better and take care of myself. As I look back now, if the boys hadn't helped me, I don't know what would happen to me now.
It was as if I was standing on the edge of a building representing my old life, and the boys came and finally forced me to jump on another building that is so beautiful and full of new things that I have never been lucky enough to experience. Thank you for it.
I react more calmly, unless it's really something that burns me. Most of all, I don't forget so much when we hurry, I always keep calm and gradually pack everything that is needed and we don't have to come back because of it, as before, when I forgot something.
Although we have tested the effects of many tattoopunkturas on ourselves, the stories of our clients often pleasantly surprise and impress us.
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Lucie Rečná

Tattoopunktura - Lucie Rečná
The first days were very strange feelings ... I felt strange tingle in the place of tattoopunktura and maybe a little unpleasant feelings for me, but it didn't matter, because I finally felt less anxious in stressful situations. The scar tightened for a while, making itself known, anyway, because I was able to get along with her all the more and see the place as support. Today I am almost without anxiety and there has been no panic since then, which is a big new for me. I don't feel the extra effect on energy, but it wasn't even my initial wish, so it's not a problem and I'll be dealing with it in the future.
Thank you again, and those who do not try on his/her own skin (in this case, literally) will never understand.

Sophia Eleanora

Tattoopunktura - Sophia Eleanora

Adéla Nejezchlebová

Tattoopunktura - Adéla Nejezchlebová

Adéla Zimková

Tattoopunktura - Adéla Zimková

Dana M.

Tattoopunktura - Dana M.

Adam „Houba”

Tattoopunktura - Adam „Houba”
Video interviews with our clients. How did they get to tattoopuncture, how did they experience the process and what did tattoopuncture bring them?
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Eliška Zemanová

Monika Čtvrtníčková

Trušina Marija