come from?
Girl with tattoopuncture of acupuncture point JiuWei (under breasts)

Ötzi, a 5,300-year-old mummy found frozen in the alpine glacier, already had this puncture. We can make it more beautiful today, the healing effects will not affect it.
What makes tattoopunktura a tattoopunktura is not a symbol, but a special tattoo technique, and especially its placement at the correct and appropriately chosen acupuncture point.

as we know it works.
FouSage, tattoopunktura, acupuncture

The system of traditional „Chinese“ medicine is proven by more than 5,000 years of intensive practice.
The question was whether it is possible to permanently act on acupuncture points with a special form of tattooing. We had to verify this on our own and dozens of foreign skins.
The effects of tattoopuncture coincide with acupuncture, they are more subtle but lasting.

„Will I be cut?! Well, I’m not into that!
Tattoopunktura, scalpel, stencil

It is natural that the idea of a scalpel on your skin scares you a little, but unnecessarily. At work, we intervene in the same layer of skin as the tater and the intensity of the experience (feeling) is comparable to a tattoo.

So the question is not if it hurts, but if you dare...
...it's definitely worth the experience and the effect!

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